Cheese Sauce

I love cheese sauce.  Do you?  A true cheese sauce begins with a roux.  I have posted about this technique many times because my family so loves Macaroni N Cheese.  Making a roux is so simple and the base for so many dishes.  A roux is essentially the same sauce as bechamel.  Bechamel is considered a white sauce.  Both bechamel and a roux are made with flour and butter, and then, milk is added.  A roux is its Cajun cousin.  So the spices may very.  In addition to the salt and pepper, I frequently add smoked paprika or cayenne.  I guess you could say the real difference is that a roux has a kick.

I created this post to highlight the versatility of the cheese sauce.  To do that, I requested and gathered recipes from my blogging community so that I could share so many different recipes with you.  I hope you enjoy this round up and see lots of recipes to try.

So the first recipe I share with you is how to make a Easy All in One Béchamel sauce from Sprinkle and Sprouts.


 "Bechamel #cheese #sauce /" from Sprinkle and Sprouts

All in One Bechamel


Broccoli Cheese Sauce with Pine Nuts from Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Easy Creamy Chicken Pasta with Bell Peppers from Baking Mischief

How to Make Alfredo Sauce from Zagleft.


This next recipe is a Cauliflower Gratin from Girl Gone Gourmet starting with a bechamel.

 "Bechamel #cheese #sauce /" from Girl Gone Gourmet

Cauliflower Gratin


French Onion Cheese Sauce (served on chicken) from Kleinworth & Co.

Beer and Cheese Mushroom Mac and Cheese from Killing Thyme

Squash Basil Amaretti Lasagna from Two Purple Figs


A cheese sauce can be used on so many things.  Here I made a Basil Cream Sauce for Ravioli

 "Ravioli with a Basil Cream Sauce #ravioli #basil #cream sauce /"

Ravioli with a Basil Cream Sauce


Staying with the theme of a white sauce, next I present a White Sauce Lasagna from An Italian in my Kitchen.

 "White Sauce Lasagna #cheese #sauce /" from An Italian in my Kitchen

White Sauce Lasagna


Greek Cheese Tortellini from Two Purple Figs

Double Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese from Girl Gone Gourmet

Gnocchi with Frizzled Prosciutto and Blue Cheese from Plating and Pairings


This next example shows you cheese and fish go together.  This is a Prawn and Scallop Creamy Pasta from Brazillian Flair in the USA,


"Prawns and Scalops Creamy Pasta #cheese #sauce #seafood /" from Brazillain with a Flair in the USA

Prawns and Scalops Creamy Pasta


Kavey Eats Chicken Tarragon Pasta Bake 

Soft Pretzel Cheese Sauce from Platings and Pairings

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos from Simple Seasonal. 


Sharing a very Southern recipe of Southern Ham and Kale Hot Dish from Garlic and Zest.

 "Southern Ham and Kale Hot Dish #ham #kale /" from Garlic and Zest

Southern Ham and Kale Hot Dish


No Brainer Loaded Nachos Platter from My Food Story.

Slow Cooker 3 Cheese Macaroni and Cheese from Zagleft.

Cheesy Chili Con Queso Dip from Swanky Recipes


This Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce from And Cakes Too is so up my alley.

 "Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce #chicken #mushroom /" from And Cakes Too

Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Homemade Queso Dip The Rising Spoon

Creamy Coq Au Riesling The Flavor Bender

Spicy Beer Cheese Sauce from Chili Pepper Madness


The final offering is a Cheesy Tomato Egg Gratin from Garlic and Zest.

 "Tomato And Egg Gratin #tomato #egg #gratin /" from Garlic and Zest

Tomato And Egg Gratin