Well, today’s post is an outcome of necessity.  I am a retail real estate investment professional by day at Colliers International.  This weekend, I will be hosting the real estate team I lead at my house for a holiday party.  I have to have a theme.  That theme will be Middle Eastern food hence, this is the Friday Five – Middle Eastern addition.  So this post is designed to give me ideas.  I hope that you can use them as well.

We begin this post with a unique appetizer called Spinach and Feta Borek from Fool Proof Living.


This next offering is really unique and cool.  It is called a Kunefe (Turkish Cheese Pastry) from Tara’s Multicultural Table.


We need some Middle Eastern crackers to go with our appetizer.  These crackers are known as Lavash and this recipe was created by Turntable Kitchen.


If you are looking for more of a lunch dish, try these Healthy Chicken Kabobs from Nom Nom Eater’s Digest.


Moving to the main course, here is a dish that most of us had not seen – Chicken Machboos from The Daring Gourmet.


We need a vegetable to go with our main course and my family loves the Middle Eastern Bread Salad known as a Fattoush Salad  presented here by Season With Spice.

fattoush salad recipe

To finish our meal, we need a sweet.  This recipe is a Halvah Chocolate Brownie from Taste of Beirut.