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Chicken Milanese

In dinners On January 5, 2013 20 Comments

This recipe is a crowd favorite.  It is grown up chicken fingers.  Who doesn’t like chicken fingers?  You can say it.  I know, adults don’t want to admit… Read More »

Brownie Cheesecake Bars

In Desserts On October 17, 2012 13 Comments

Well I had just returned from the store, my daughter came downstairs and asked if I was ready to start baking.  I had all my ingredients to make… Read More »

Corn Fritter topped with Pimento Cheese

In appetizers On August 6, 2012 20 Comments

It is amazing how far this blogging journey has taken me.  I look back and see how much I did not know both in terms of cooking and… Read More »

Baked Pasta

In Sides On July 25, 2012 18 Comments

This original post received so many hits when thinking about what I should submit for the next Shine Supper Club, I wanted to share this post with their… Read More »

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