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Beef Cheese Hoagie Sandwich

In Lunch, Sandwiches On May 15, 2017 2 Comments

Not all recipes need to be difficult.  I have written about this before but my inspiration for sandwiches is my father making me lunches as a kid.  Even… Read More »

Pressure Cooker Grilled Beef & Cheese Sandwich

In Lunch, Sandwiches On April 4, 2017 10 Comments

My tradition for Sundays is making myself a lunch using leftovers from the night before.  My favorite type of thing to make with the leftovers is a grilled… Read More »

Vegan Gluten Free Pastrami Sandwich

In Lunch, Sandwiches, Vegan, Vegetarian On February 27, 2017 0 Comments

A Vegan Gluten Free Pastrami Sandwich is quite likely the most exotic and out there recipe I have tried to date.  I saw an episode on Diners, Drive-in… Read More »

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich

In dinner, Sandwiches On January 9, 2017 2 Comments

Now this sandwich is not just any sandwich.  A good recipe is all about the layers.  My recipe really picks up on some Southern traditions.  I used bread… Read More »

Grilled Eggplant and Smoked Gouda Sandwich

In Lunch, Sandwiches On January 3, 2017 2 Comments

It has been quite a while since I posted a sandwich recipe.  By reviewing my pictures, I realize that this has been sometime since I actually made this… Read More »

Italian Hoagie Sandwich

In Lunch, Sandwiches On May 11, 2016 30 Comments

I love a good sandwich.  Most often, my sandwiches are made from last night’s leftovers.  This Italian Hoagie Sandwich was a result from stopping at the deli department… Read More »

Mexican Turkey Burger

In dinner, Sandwiches On May 4, 2016 25 Comments

Here is a simple post to get you ready for Cinco De Mayo.  I think my most favorite type of burger to create is a Mexican Turkey Burger. … Read More »

Mexican Turkey Burgers

In dinner On April 1, 2016 20 Comments

My wife only likes turkey for her burgers.  So we do not have burgers too often, but when we do, I use ground turkey, and sometimes, ground chicken.  The… Read More »

Grilled Cheese and Chili Sandwich

In Lunch On March 30, 2016 18 Comments

Is there anything better than leftovers?  I think that  leftovers are under appreciated.  So many foods get better with time.  That makes total sense.  The flavors really have… Read More »

Italian Meatball Sandwich

In Lunch, Sandwiches On March 7, 2016 22 Comments

Italian Meatball Sandwich Maybe the best thing about having leftover Italian Meatballs is the chance to make a sandwich.  True COMFORT FOOD is an Italian Meatball Sandwich. What makes… Read More »

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