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Philly CheeseSteak Dip

In appetizers On April 6, 2017 50 Comments

As I write this post for my Philly CheeseSteak Dip, I am sitting with my wife watching the Country Music Awards.  It is the best awards show on… Read More »

French Onion Chicken

In dinner On February 2, 2017 0 Comments

Now I get a lot of compliments from family and friends for my cooking.  My wife is very impressed, or is it surprised, with my plating.  My food… Read More »

Inside Out Chicken Fajitas

In dinner On April 7, 2016 27 Comments

This idea may be one of my most creative recipes yet.  These Inside Out Chicken Fajitas were awesome.  We were having friends over where the wife is an… Read More »

Italian Meatballs

In dinners On March 4, 2016 16 Comments

Italian Meatballs I am excited to share this first post in a string of Italian recipes posts that I made a few weeks ago.  These Italian Meatballs are… Read More »

Easy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

In dinners On January 22, 2016 10 Comments

Next to Mexican food, my favorite ethnic food is Cajun.  I just love the flavors of Cajun food.  I think that we do not see many Cajun dishes… Read More »

Patty Melt

In dinners On January 13, 2016 8 Comments

I believe the patty melt is one of my all-time favorite dishes.  I remember when I first started working, there was this restaurant on Washington Street in Chicago… Read More »

Ancho Chili with Farro

Ancho Chili with Farro

In dinners On December 21, 2015 12 Comments

My wife loves chili and frequently asks me to make it.  Chili is such good comfort food and it is truly one of those dishes that is even… Read More »

Mushroom & Onion Sliders

Mushroom and Onion Sliders

In appetizers, dinners On December 18, 2015 8 Comments

My youngest son was coming home for break prior to us traveling to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  I suggested he ask his 2 best buddies if they wanted me… Read More »

Mushroom Marinara

Mushroom Marinara

In dinners On December 6, 2015 13 Comments

Hearty, healthy, vegetarian and vegan.  These are not the normal words I focus on in my recipes and posts.  For emphasis, I used these words to trick you…. Read More »

Broccoli Soup

In Sides, Soups, Vegetarian On October 30, 2015 10 Comments

Is it starting to get cold where you live?  Do you need something to warm you up?  OK, this is a food blog.  If you need that, you… Read More »

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