S & G’s

In Breakfast On April 6, 2012 3 Comments

I think my favorite meal is breakfast and there is nothing better than a hashbrown skillet.  Hashbrowns, though not paticularly fancy, are the best preparation of potatoes.  Cooking… Read More »

Steak Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo

In Lunch, Sandwiches On April 5, 2012 2 Comments

When I am doing lunch for my son, I have to come up with new ways to give him spice!  Yesterday’s concept was to put the spice in… Read More »

Fish Tacos

In dinners On April 4, 2012 3 Comments

What makes this so good is marrying so many good flavors.  In this case, from the guacamole, to the chipotle mayo sauce and to the savory slaw.  They all… Read More »

Grilled Salmon with Celery Root Puree and Buerre Blanc Sauce

In dinners On April 4, 2012 1 Comment

Once in a while, even a guy who does comfort food, can step it up a little.  Salmon on top of celery puree topped with a beurre blanc… Read More »

Salad with Balsamic Marinated Peppers

In Sides On April 3, 2012 3 Comments

Salads are no longer just a throw in as a side.  I used pepper in 2 ways in this salad.  I marinated red, yellow and orange peppers in… Read More »

Perfect Chocolate Cake

In Desserts On April 2, 2012 15 Comments

Baking has been the domain of my wife and my daughter.  Based on the feedback of this cake, watch out ladies (one of the feedbacks was from my… Read More »

Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese

In appetizers On April 2, 2012 2 Comments

This is a pretty easy appetizer that looks really good when completed.  Mixes asparagus, artichoke hearts with goat cheese – what’s not to like? RecipeSpring Vegetables and Goat… Read More »

Chicken Casserole

In dinners On April 2, 2012 1 Comment

This recipe is pulled from a cookbook I have called “Bake until Bubbly.”  It is one of those cookbooks you pick up because it is basic comfort food…. Read More »

Creole Chicken & Sausage

In dinners On April 1, 2012 0 Comments

This is not a hard dish a to make but as is true of many cajun dishes, and if you use the Heaven on Seven Cookbook, there will… Read More »

Dublin’s Bar – Springfield, IL

In Restaurant Food On April 1, 2012 0 Comments

The final stop on the Block College visitation and eating tour.  Springfield is the home of the “shoe”, more formally known as the horseshoe.  A “shoe” is a… Read More »

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