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Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

In Desserts On June 26, 2012 4 Comments

If you have read earlier posts, I love chocolate and raspberry together.  My daughter really likes vanilla so I decided to bake somewhere down the middle.  I made… Read More »

Cappuccino Chip Cupcakes with Raspberry Mocha Buttercream Frosting

In Desserts On June 19, 2012 3 Comments

This recipe was made for Andi’s birthday.  She said she likes anything chocolate, as does my family.  I love mixing raspberry with chocolate so we (my daughter and… Read More »

Brownie Cookie Batter Bars

In Desserts On June 15, 2012 1 Comment

This is my daughter’s creation.  Her brother’s girlfriend came to the house for a baking lesson.  This decadent looking treat is the outcome. RecipeBrownie Cookie Dough Bars: Brownie… Read More »

Berrry Cobbler

In Desserts On June 4, 2012 5 Comments

This is such an easy dish to make but looks good and tastes good.  The recipe was adapted from Sue Zemanick which I found in a people magazine…. Read More »

Homemade Red Raspberry Breakfast Bars

In Breakfast, Desserts On May 14, 2012 1 Comment

I am at the point where you begin to say to yourself, when you see something in the store, that “I can do that.”  It is fun.  It… Read More »

Chocolate Caramel Espresso Bars

In Desserts On May 10, 2012 11 Comments

How amazing do chocolate and caramel go together?  Simon & Garfunkel/Peanut Butter & Jelly?  You get the idea.  Now add a third layer of graham crackers with brown… Read More »

Chocolate Layer Tort

In Desserts On April 25, 2012 0 Comments

Ultimately, when we cook, we cook for our own tastes.  I love the mixture of chocolate and raspberry.  I expanded on these flavors with blueberries and strawberries for… Read More »

Dark Chocolate Roulade

In Desserts On April 16, 2012 2 Comments

The baking quest continues.  Contrasted to cooking, baking is much more exact with ingredients and directions.  For me, I have started with recipes that I would want to… Read More »

Perfect Chocolate Cake

In Desserts On April 2, 2012 15 Comments

Baking has been the domain of my wife and my daughter.  Based on the feedback of this cake, watch out ladies (one of the feedbacks was from my… Read More »

Chocolate Tort

In Desserts On March 26, 2012 3 Comments

There is nothing like a recipe that is easy to execute but so good to eat.  Most desserts can take a while but this one is real user… Read More »

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