This post is a few weeks in the making.  As many bloggers know, life and work gets in the way.  This blog is a devotion of love, an expression of my passion.  It, however, cannot trump everything else (yet).  As I have mentioned before, a blogger gets some pretty fun opportunities as part of the journey.  I am a member of the Chicago Food Bloggers.  The Chicago Food Bloggers is exactly what the name says – a collection of food bloggers from Chicago.  It is totally amazing how many different angles there are in this food blogging world and our members have so many different food interests.  That is what is so cool.

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Coppervine – Wine

This post is one of those neat experiences.  Coppervine is a Chicago restaurant located on North Halsted Street created to perfectly pair wine, beer and drinks with food.  Most of us have heard of pairing wines with food.  Coppervine has taken this concept to the max.  They have developed a menu and drinks to be paired from your first course to your dessert.  I have to admit that my palette is not as well developed as this restaurant is designed for.  My biggest surprise was actually the pairing of food with the beer.  It worked really well and my favorite pairing included the cider beer.  Cider beer, I would never drink it.  But paired with food, it was amazing.  Below I have provided a collage of pictures that takes you through the meal.

Flatbread, appetizer



Cheese Curds, fried

Cheese Curds

Crab fritters, fried, fish

Crab Fritters

Salad pasta

Salad & Pasta

Drinks, pairing


fried chicken, sriracha, buttermilk

Crispy Miller Farms Fried Chicken

Lamb chops, grilled

Lamb Chops

Scallops, fish, seafood, entree


Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake