This is the second offering of the Friday Five – Valentines addition 2.  So you have no excuse when your significant other looks at you and asks what did you make for me?

This first post are a variety of Valentine’s Day Cupcakes from Sweet Kiera.


A second offering of Valentine’s Day Cupcake – this one from Simply Delicious.

2nd cupcake

How does this fun Valentine’s Day Layer Cake from Parsley, Sage & Sweet look to you?

Layer cake

And here is a really different idea – Valentine’s Fortune Cookies from Sugar For The Brain.

Fortune Cookies

Next is a really cute idea from the Busty Baker – Valentine Brownie Cut Out Cookies.

Cut Out Cookies

The final dessert for this post is Sweet Chocolate Cherry Bombs from Hungry Happenings.

Valentine's Day recipe Sweet Chocolate Cherry Bombs