This past Sunday was one of my simpler endeavors which does not mean less satisfying.  I took advantage of a couple items that I had already made and incorporated them into my dishes to create unique flavors but a shared soutwestern palate.  I had a light pablano cream sauce that I made for earlier in the week but did not like its consistency – so I didn’t serve it.  Instead I decided it would fit very well in a risotto.  It was a success.  I had to guess, though, for the correct time to add it into the risotto and I guessed right.  I put it in when the risotto was probably 75% done.  I also added yellow and orange peppers towards the end of cooking and a couples ounces of goat cheese.

I paired the risotto with some steaks that I rubbed with one of my all purposed southwestern spice rubs.  Since my blog is new, I will get in the habit going forward to detail specific recipes so others can try the dishes that have turned out well.  In the preparing of the steaks, I used my favorite iron skillet.  It put a great sear on the rubbed side of the steaks and then I finished off the cooking in the oven to ensure a more even temperture in the meat.

And the finished product shown below.