I used the following 2 recipes from “The Food of the Greek Islands” by Aglaia Kremezi.  The below is her zucchini cheese patties appetizer.  Everybody really liked these and they were easy to make.  The one hint is that the zucchini really needs to be drained and even after it was drained, I squeezed the excess water out as i scooped to put it into the frying pan.  
The non- lamb dish for the crowd was a baked chicken orzo.  This really turned out well and had a deep flavor becasue the orzo was liquified with the onions and sun dried tomatoes that had stewed the chicken.  I finished off the dish by draing the reserved liquid and setting it aside so it solidified and then topping the dish with almost reduction like sauce.

The steps represented above show the chicken after lightly browning creating some flavor in the pot; then adding teh chicken back into the softened vegetables and finish by showing the orzo added into the vegetable and stock flavored by all the prior steps. 
Zucchini Cheese Patties recipe
  1. In a large bowl combine 4 cups grated zucchini, 1 cup chopped scallions, 1 cup flat leaf parsley, 1 cup grated pecorino romano, 1 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup of fresh mint, 1 tablespoon dried oregano and salt and pepper to taste
  2. Heat enough oil in pan to 350 degrees
  3. Use ice cream scooper and place patties in hot oil.  Brown 2 – 3 minutes per side (tops)
  4. Drain on paper towel and serve
Baked Chicken and Orzo recipe
  1. In dutch oven, heat 1/3 cup of olive oil and saute chicken until golden brown
  2. Saute 1 large onion
  3. Add 1/3 cup of chopped oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes and 1 can of diced tomatoes (14.5 oz) with juice
  4. Then sprinkle chicken with salt and return to dutch oven with 1/2 cup of chicken stock
  5. Bring to a boil and then transfer to oven for about an hour and a half (until chicken is really tender)
  6. Next, transfer chicken to a platter  and add 1 & 1/2 cups chicken stock and bring to a simmer
  7. Then add in 1 lb of orzo (I like tri-color because of the presentation); cook uncovered for about 15 minutes or until the stock is absorbed
  8. Add just a little bit more liquid to the pasta to avoid drying out and return the chicken to the pot and bake for another 10 minutes