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Curried Egg Salad

In Lunch, Sandwiches On February 8, 2016 18 Comments

I have long known that it is great to make EXTRA of whatever you are making that evening.  It is called leftovers.  I love leftovers.  So many dishes taste… Read More »


Best Appetizers

In appetizers, bread, Potpourri, Sandwiches, Sides On February 6, 2016 0 Comments

As you get ready for your Superbowl Party, I have compiled QUICKLY a collection of Best Appetizers that you can serve.  When I say quickly, this post is… Read More »

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Chicken Shawarma Pasta

In dinners On February 5, 2016 10 Comments

This Chicken Shawarma Pasta post closes out a week of Middle Eastern recipes.  I hope you have enjoyed the recipes and learning about dishes that you may not… Read More »

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Kunefe Kunafa Kanafeh

In Desserts On February 3, 2016 10 Comments

This is the follow up post following my Chicken Shawarma Recipe from Monday.  This Kunufe/Kunafa/Knafeh is the true dinner TOPPER with its roots in the Middle East.  Think of… Read More »

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Chicken Shawarma Recipe

In dinners On February 1, 2016 12 Comments

My wife and I recently hosted a dinner party (that sounds way to fancy), we were having some friends over for dinner.  These friends are great cooks themselves… Read More »

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Yellow Curry Yogurt Dip

In appetizers, Product Posts On January 29, 2016 7 Comments

This is the 3rd in a series of promotional posts I have completed for Coconut Dreams® and Almond Dreams® yogurt.  I have been happy to do these posts because… Read More »

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Guacamole Grilled Cheese

In Lunch, Sandwiches On January 27, 2016 12 Comments

This post builds on my last post.  I asked in the last post – what did I make this rye bread for?  I then suggested there was a… Read More »

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Rye Bread

In bread, Sides On January 25, 2016 12 Comments

It has been a while since I have made a bread.  There is nothing better than fresh, homemade bread with the scent wafting through the kitchen. Generally, I… Read More »

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Easy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

In dinners On January 22, 2016 10 Comments

Next to Mexican food, my favorite ethnic food is Cajun.  I just love the flavors of Cajun food.  I think that we do not see many Cajun dishes… Read More »

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Chicken Milanese

In dinners On January 20, 2016 22 Comments

The only other dish I make more than Chicken Milanese is my macaroni N cheese. I can make this chicken dish in my sleep. The method for cooking… Read More »

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