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Pumpkin Layer Bars

In Desserts On October 9, 2015 8 Comments

It is fall and that means Pumpkin season.  I love the flavor of pumpkin.  It is sweet and tart.  These Pumpkin Layer Bars compliment the pumpkin with a… Read More »

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Zucchini Squash Salad

In Sides On October 8, 2015 7 Comments

Do you think about how you cut your vegetables?  I have really started to consider how my vegetables look for serving.  I have used my Spiralizer quite a… Read More »

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Apple Streusel Cake

In Desserts On October 6, 2015 8 Comments

What do you do when you have two bags of apples and change your plans of making an apple pie?  How about a Caramel Apple Cake.  If you… Read More »

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Chicken Tomato Orzo Soup

In Sides, Soups On October 2, 2015 5 Comments

It’s fall.  Are you thinking soup?  The weather is starting to get a little cool here in Chicago.  It has me thinking soup.  Nothing warms you from the… Read More »

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Potato Skins

In Sides On September 30, 2015 5 Comments

Do you want an appetizer, or for that matter, a dinner that is easy to make but not short on flavor?  Try these Potato Skins.  There are recipes… Read More »

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Mustard Chicken

In dinners On September 29, 2015 7 Comments

Every so often you want to put a meal together that is quick and not too complicated.  Taking advantage of a couple simple cooking techniques, this dish has… Read More »

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Sweet Chili Chicken

In dinners On September 27, 2015 25 Comments

You want to know how to become an accomplished cook?  Repeat dishes.  Well, I love food too much and want to try so many different recipes that I… Read More »

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Baked Potatoes and Onions

In Sides On September 25, 2015 49 Comments

Do you want to create a pretty elegant looking potato dish that is pretty darn easy to make?  Then this Baked Potatoes and Onions is your dish.  All… Read More »

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Curry Carrot Soup

In appetizers, Lunch, Soups On September 22, 2015 10 Comments

Do you wonder what to do with those leftovers or scraps from your cooking?  A soup is a great catchall but that does not mean it is a… Read More »

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Mashed Pea Crostini

In appetizers On September 21, 2015 4 Comments

Do you have the same go to appetizer recipes?  Are you looking for a different recipe that looks good but is not hard to put together nor does… Read More »

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